A BBQ Grill Mat By BBQ Shield is the only BBQ mat you’ll ever need and here’s why…  

  • It’s 100% safe to use, FDA approved and FREE from any harmful chemicals that might seep into your food. 
  • It’s super-fast to clean and store making it a complete no-brainier to pull out when you’re in charge of the grill and aiming to impress… especially considering you’ll still get those all-important grill-marks on your food.
  • Superior quality materials (including 150% more thickness than many competitors) means these mats are more durable, safer and likely to last longer that other BBQ Grill mats.
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    BBQ Shield Grill Mat

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    BBQ Shield Grill Mat
    At a recent family gathering I was tasked with grilling the food.  Like may folks today we are concerned about eating healthy meals so I brought out some salmon filets and asparagus with sliced mango. My wife, kids and our guests started laughing at me thinking that the meal I was preparing was going to be a disaster.
    Salmon tends to stick to the grill grates, break apart and fall through the cracks causing intense flare-up. Vegetables, like asparagus, has little chance of surviving on a grill grate unless wrapped in aluminum foil where it gets soggy and messy.  Then the mango... "Ha! Ha! Ha!," was the reaction.
    … But they didn’t know what was coming next: I unboxed my new BBQ Shield Grill Mats, rolled them out on the grill and proceeded to cook them the best dinner they had enjoyed in months. (You have to try the mango with your asparagus.  It was a big hit!)

    That day I officially became known as the "Grill Master!" Would you like to become a grill master too? If you do then, you’ll want to know about BBQ Shield's Grill Mats.
    • These high quality grill mats are 150% thicker than many low-priced alternatives, and you’ll instantly see the difference in your ability to serve up a REAL TASTY grill every time you use them. 
    • Healthy Eating: Use your BBQ Grill Mats to eat healthily in style! Vegetables won’t fall though the cracks, meat won’t spit and flare up, Fish won’t stick and fall apart, and you’ll never have to worry about unhygienic public grills again. 
    • Rapid Clean & Easy Care: The FDA Approved, non-stick 100% PFOA Free materials mean that these babies are cleaned in seconds with warm soapy water and then easily rolled up and stored safely out of the way. Also 100% dishwasher safe. 
    • Safe To Use: These BBQ Grill Mats are FDA approved, burn proof, fire resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and completely free from harmful chemicals which means the mats will never retain odors or tastes from previous BBQs. 
    • Camping Friendly: Use your BBQ Grill Mats to be the best fed campers on site, you can even use the mats for cooking foods not generally grilled like eggs, pancakes, bacon, pop tarts, etc!
    Each order of contains two grill mats.  Each measuring 15"x13".  Get your set today!
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