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Question 1: The grilling marks on my food are Too Light or Too Dark?

Answer: Grill marks are a function of heat and time. If your grill marks are too light you may have to turn up the heat. Also, make sure you allow the food to remain still for a longer period of time. Constantly moving the food around the mat will decrease the likelihood of those great looking grill marks.  If your grill marks are too dark, or you are completely searing the meat rather than leaving grill marks, then you will need to turn the heat down a bit. At very high temperatures, when using a grill mat, the heat differentiation between the metal and the spaces between the metal on the grate is decreased and you end up cooking your food items more evenly.

Question 2: When cleaning my BBQ Shield Grill Mat can I use a Scrubbing Pad or Steel Wool?

Answer: No, Please do not clean your grill mat with any abrasive material. In fact there is no need to do so.... If you have food residue or sauces that have carbonized on your grill mat simply rinse with warm water and wipe with a soft soapy cloth. You can also put your grill mat on the top shelf of your dishwasher!

Question 3: Can I use a metal spatula or metal grilling tongs for cooking on my BBQ Shield Grill Mat?

Answer: Use only teflon coated, plastic or wood cooking utensils with the BBQ Shield Grill Mat. Do not use metal cooking utensils such as spatulas, tongs or knives. You will visibly scratch and damage your grill mat.


Question 4: The Use and Care instructions say, "Use grill manufacturers indirect heat configuration instructions". Does that mean my warming rack?

Answer: While you can cut the mat and use for your warming rack this use instruction is intended to keep the user from putting the mat directly in contact with a flame. A typical flame is 2600° and will create damage to your grill mat.

When using Natural Gas or Propane Grills: Place the BBQ Shield Grill Mat directly on the grates. If your grill is in normal operating condition you will have no issues with the operation of your grill mat directly on the grates.
When using Charcoal Grills: Wait until the coals have cooked down, turned gray, and no open flames persist. The BBQ Shield Grill Mat is ready to use... make sure you knock down the pile of charcoal to form a single or double layer of red hot coals and place your grill rack to the highest level and use as normal.

Question 5: My BBQ Shield Grill Mat has Rough Spots on it - Has Frayed Edges - Is Stuck Together - Is Wearing Away...

Answer: Your BBQ Shield Grill Mat is being exposed to temperatures of 1000 degrees or more! Please follow and use your grill manufacturers indirect heat configuration instructions. Also, read Question 1 above for additional information.

Question 6: My BBQ Shield Grill Mat Is Too Big For My Grill. Can I Cut Them With Scissors?

Answer: Yes! Cutting your grill mats with sharp scissors to fit your application is recommended.